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Challenges and Solutions
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Challenges and Solutions
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Challenges and Solutions
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Challenges and Solutions
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“What a fabulous ‘Retreat’ to have just on our doorstep. A great place to go and wind down, chill out, relax and chat with friends. We can treat it like our own home for the day. As new mums this is just what we needed. The babies feel relaxed there too. Thank you Kirsten. We’ll be back.”

Abbie and the girls, July 2016

As a busy working mum struggling to balance my life, I have found Kirsten to be a great listener who can pull out the complexities of issues into practical steps, enabling me to go forward. Read full testimonial…

Thank you again for making me feel normal, you talk so much sense. You really are suited to your business.

Thank you for an excellent day. I feel ready to face the world with fresh energy, like a different person. Fantastic setting, relaxing and homely. Food was amazing too.
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